Royal Lahaina Luau - Charged My Family Twice For One Service

San Diego, California 1 comment

If you are going to Maui, Do Not book your luau at Royal Lahaina Luau.Before we left on vacation, I used several vendors to pre-book events we wanted to do, including golf, etc., and the Royal Lahaina Luau.

Through a change of rooms at the hotel upon arrival (the room was unsatisfactory), we lost our vouchers that were pre-booked. Immediately, I called Royal Lahaina Luau, and they had no record of my purchase, and refused to provide us service at the event. I did the only thing responsible, and canceled the charge on my credit card. Later, the hotel provided a special price for a luau if you sat through a sales presentation.

We paid a reduced price, and the hotel paid the rest. Ironically, the arrangement the hotel had with the luau was with the Royal Lahaina Luau. Once home, I found out that Royal Lahaina Luau did not release the original vendor, and I ended up paying twice for the one service. Even when confronted with facts, Royal Lahaina Luau refused to release the vendor from the charge, stating we were a "no show", even though they admitted we attended the event on the date and time the hotel arranged for us.

I suggest booking "The Old Lahaina Luau" when going to Maui.Finally, the pork was dry, and my son had a stomach ache the next day.




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